Introducing new sustainable NHG products

The NHG product brand will launch in January 2024. The wide product range with baskets in natural materials and storage products in 100 % recycled plastic makes NHG fit perfectly in every household space. Product design and sustainability definitely goes hand in hand with the launch of this new product brand.

The acronym NHG originates from the name Nordic Houseware Group, where the ‘N’ represents the essence of Nordic design— simplicity, functionality, and a minimalist aesthetic. NHG embodies the core principles of Nordic design, emphasizing clean lines, uncluttered spaces, and an innate sense of simplicity. These front stage products are crafted to be showcased proudly in your home, reflecting the quintessential traits of Nordic design.

Plastic is too good to waste

Our new NHG portfolio is created with our vision of organized living in mind. It contains a portfolio of products for storage and organizing allowing to live in harmony and free time and energy to focus on other activities in life.

Nordic Houseware Group offers quality recyclable home goods designed to last. Many of our products are produced in plastic, which gives us an opportunity and responsibility to help address an urgent environmental issue: plastic waste. Wasting plastic leads to potential over-production of virgin plastics made from non-renewable resources.

That is why we’re working to ensure that more plastic is recycled and made into new quality products that stay in use longer. With a strong commitment to the environment and a vision of a greener future, we are excited to introduce the re-launch of the winning concepts; Seoul Baskets and Organizers, and Folding Boxes, in 100% recycled plastic.